1. How long does it take to receive my title once the vehicle is paid off?

Once funds are received and posted the title will be released within 10 business days. (posting or showing a payment cleared might take up to 60 days).


2. I have full coverage insurance; how do I get (CPI) Collateral Protection Insurance removed from my account?

Please ensure that MEI Finance is listed as a lienholder, you must have full coverage insurance. Email a copy of your insurance binder to insurance@automax4u.comOur insurance department will verify coverage and remove force-placed insurance once validated.


3. Why do I need insurance if I have (CPI) Collateral Protection Insurance?

Collateral Protection Insurance ONLY covers the vehicles damage, the state of Texas requires all to carry liability insurance


4. Why is my car making a beeping noise when I start and turn off my ignition?

The beeping noise is a payment reminder notice, please call our office to make a payment and/or arrangement and your vehicle reminder buzzer will be disabled.



5. How do I change the date my payment is due?

Your loan due date is based on your current pay dates. If you have changed jobs and your paycheck cycle has changed please email us a copy of your paycheck stub at cs@automax4u.com and indicate your next due date. Our management team will review your request.


6. Do I have a grace period?

Unfortunately, there is no grace period, your payment is due on or before it’s due date. If you are needing to make payment arrangements, please contact our office at 817-342-0222 during regular business hours.